Google Anthos Day 2019: My experience and Viewpoint

I started traveling for NYC at 8.30 am from my home in New Jersey and reached the venue around 10.00 am. As I checked in, I simultaneously got a batch and was escorted to the breakfast area where there was a good variety of muffins, pies and Burritos. After we had our fill we all headed to the conference room.

The key note speaker was Eyal Manor (VP, Engineering Google cloud). His session started at 11am to introduce Anthos to the attendees. The talk was crisp and summarized, which included some of the banking and retail used cases which are leveraging Anthos in production for container deployment. After the opening keynote, multiple other candidates provided with useful information that can be also be found on the following link :

Mr. Eyal concluded around 1and lunch was served in the session area.The event was basically categorized as Operations Academy, Developer Academy and Security- Compliance Academy and session were mainly focused on “How we can leverage Anthos for quickly on boarding our apps using combination of products like Google Skaffold, GKE (Kubernates engine) , Spinnaker and Cloud engine.”

The general feedback which I received when I went to various partners’ area was that, “Anthos is still a product which is work in progress”.

Google Anthos Day

My viewpoint on the sessions:

I attended three session, one from each category. Though they were mere basic, but the one that caught my attention was, related to shared responsibility and achieve compliance in hybrid environment. Also I felt that, the Google marketing team could bring more animation and k-studies which Anthos is presently solving. Presentation and food orientation was stricking.

Google Anthos Day

Sessions were far away from giving the right alignment to attendee. I even had a few words with some of the attendee who were working in Media and Entertainment domain and they also shared the same feedback about the presentations.

As I was expecting a more interactive experience, my conclusion to the whole event would be, a 6 out of 10.

Amrit Pal singh

Designing critical migration from legacy to cloud environments, extending devops approach into analytics, AI/ML to maximize the purpose of agile approach. We work to integrate compliance with risk, security and regulations, building seamless interfaces across multiple systems. I am fortunate to manage complex hierarchy of global portfolios, programs and projects and executive communication . Provide TCO analyses to low level architecture, design and implementation, readiness and building BCP/DR/HA, and around the clock monitoring & management using cloud tools relevant to our customer's situation and objectives.

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