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Sometimes the longest journey is from head to heart. In any situation we have a choice to smile or not to smile, why not choose the latter. The word smile itself has mile incorporated in it so a smiling face can take you miles. The job of the heart is to beat and the job of the mind is to think. Let the thoughts come and go like the clouds. They may cover the sun (souls light) for some time but not forever. The trick is to become a detached observer and witness our own thoughts regarding the situation/ person without getting entangled in them. Without judgement, without opinion about anyone or anything.

If we can learn to keep our mind stable in small situations in life, there is a very good chance when a big situation arises we will be stable as it has become my nature/ habit/ sanskar to be stable. Meditation/ prayers/ chanting help you achieve a stable mind effortlessly if we practice meticulously. If one is soul conscious and empowered with the Supreme knowledge/ Naam one is able to discern the attacks of Maya/Vices.

 ‘Man thoon Joth Saroop Hai, Aapna Mool Pashhaan|’ O my mind, you are the embodiment of the Divine light – recognize your own origin. It is like when you are in a well lit room, you

don’t stumble on anything even if there are many things scattered around you on the floor similarly if the mind is well lit with the Supreme knowledge/ Naam it does not let you stumble in your life journey and you go about smoothly, but if you are in a dark room you fumble around. There is fear and insecurity that you may get hurt and fall. Suddenly if someone comes and switches on the light you see everything around you clearly all doubts are dispelled and you walk around confidently and happily, similarly when the Supreme knowledge comes in to a persons life it like a light is switched on, the dark and fearful pathway of life. You go about your life with peace, love and happiness in your heart.

Some people say it’s predestined, it was bound to happen, and it is fate, while some say you write your own destiny. If it’s bound to happen it will happen no matter what, then why should we put in any effort for anything. Can both statements be true….lets explore. Predestined or fate will catch up with you because of a past karma (thought, word, action). The person may have thought something positive or negative about someone or something, said something positive or negative about someone or something, took action about someone or something in the past, it’s like sending ripples in the consciousness. Some cause was created in a past life with that soul and its effect is visible now.

 It’s like some plants bear flowers and fruits in a few months, while some take a few years, while for some the fruits are enjoyed by the next generation, similarly the seeds of karma positive or negative were sowed in a past life time but the flowering and fruit bearing stage may be in another lifetime.

Now when we are confronted with the fruits of the seeds

sowed in a past life, if good then we enjoy but if bad situations or not so desirable results happen in our lives we question, why me? No matter how busy we are in our lives and family, the fact remains each soul/ person has his/ her own individual journey with its unique past and destiny unfolding based on the past karmic accounts. One can not alter the past, the roads they have travelled and the karmas they have done. One should never be afraid of God but of our own karmic account.

Once faced with a situation what we do now in the present karma/ present thoughts will change the future destiny, bringing us to the second part of the statement, you write your own destiny. What you do now in this present difficult phase of constant, anxiety, fear and pain. Now in this situation if the soul/ person empowers themselves with the Supreme knowledge/ Naam and does the right karma based on shrimat (guidance of the Supreme) without getting entangled in the negative energy of the situation and they can write their positive future destiny of joy. ‘The ordinary are ruled by fate, but the heroic choose to write their own destiny ‘.

We are a bundle of energy changing continuously according to the external stimulus. We generally end up playing a ping pong game of negative energy with the people around us. We send a negative ball (thoughts, words, actions) and immediately in return we get a negative ball back. This ping pong continues until some one has the wisdom to hold the ball, absorb it and after changing it send a positive ball through (thoughts, words, and actions). This is called maturity or spiritual awakening or responsible behavior.

We can agree to disagree, in an amiable way. When people do or say things which give us discomfort or pain, we can tell ourselves it is their perspective of looking at things/ situations, so that our mind is at peace and no unnecessary chain of thoughts drains our energy. Every soul/ person is on a journey of changing costumes/ dress/ body and we don’t know how long we are in this costume but my habits/ nature/ sanskars and my karmic accounts are with me in my every journey.

The gift of life is actually a gift of time. For the lucky few who are in tune or connected with the Supreme are able to keep their energy stable and empower themselves and others with the universal wisdom of the Supreme knowledge/ Naam. They are like the lighthouse silently guiding ships/ souls through the dark, rough and stormy sea of life, sending out light of hope in the night like a guardian angel reaching out a hand bringing comfort, truth and light in to the lives of people they touch.

Sandeep Mankatala

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