Pollution is not only Delhi’s Problem – Alarming Indian Pollution

When i am writing the post the Air quality index is touching 400 on an average which is Severe Healthy emergency. Do we really need Infrastructure, statues etc first or we need clear, healthy air to survive. When we will start making decisions which are long term rather than selecting electoral on basis of caste, religion or region.


I am sharing the stats shared by India Journal of Medical Sciences by quoting them as follows.

Results: The comparison of respiratory disease complaints pre- and post-Diwali showed that there was a significant increase in the complaints of cough post-Diwali among the participants of Kotla (6.7% vs. 28.9%). However, there was a significant decrease in cough and breathlessness post-Diwali in Parivesh Bhawan. The ambient air quality of three residential areas was within normal limits both pre- and post-Diwali with respect to sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, but there was an increase in the levels of PM10 and PM2.5 post-Diwali. 

Conclusion: The level of suspended particles in the air increases alarmingly which can be associated with eye, respiratory, and allergic problems. Crackers and fireworks were found to be the chief sources of air pollution during festivals in India. Even though the impact of Diwali is short term, the short-term exposure of these pollutants in the environment affects the standard values of air particulate and can cause health complications.

Bursting crackers is bringing more problems then delight to our future then what’s the craze of doing it ?

India’s unsafe air claimed 1.24 million lives in 2017 which is 12.5 percent of total casualties recorded  in the country, according to a paper published in Lancet Planetary Health. When will it become priority.

States of Punjab, Haryana, Gujrat are moving too fast towards desertification. This pushes the governments to prevent farmers from using lot of fresh water for paddy or wheat farming. But now they are bounded to do stubble cleaning in span of 30 to 60 days. And when such mass stubble burning happen it can convert any place into chamber not only Delhi.

High scale of initiatives of afforestation is required. We need to prevent forest covers and stop allocating flood zones to realtors to avoid flooding and preserve under ground water tables.

Its high time when we with our governments take all measures compulsory to bring down Air pollution to the level where our children can move around without health concerns.

Amrit Pal singh

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