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Hello Guys, Welcome to Legends hub Blog. Top technology news for the week are as follows.

1.) Australian Account has been removed by TikTok

TikTok, a social networking site has removed an Australian account claiming to lure alleged pedophiles to meetings and then capture their confrontation on film, as the NSW police warn people not to take the law into their own hands.

The account, which before being taken down had thousands of views and likes, claimed to have confronted alleged pedophiles where the account said, “meet an underage kid,” seemingly lured from a dating app. 6 men had been shot via video. None of the men in the video had their faces censored but the account had “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law” on the profile. The account user appeared to be based in New South Wales, based on locations in the videos.

Guardian Australia asked TikTok about the account, and within a day the account was removed from the platform for violating community guidelines. They said, “As we have made it clear in our community guidelines, we do not allow content that encourages, promotes, or glorifies risky behavior,” a spokeswoman for TikTok said. She also included, “We also do not permit users to encourage others to take part in dangerous activities and we remove reported content or behavior that violates our guidelines.”

New South Wales police said people should report predatory behavior to the police and not attempt to take the law into their own hands as this could jeopardize any subsequent investigations.

Online pedophile hunting accounts on social media are not a new phenomenon. Some of the larger Facebook pages have hundreds of thousands of followers. Many of those groups have strict rules about what they post and attempt to cooperate with police to ensure the proper legal process happens to prosecute the people they find. But for the rogue pages that don’t necessarily follow this process, Facebook can remove those pages.

Joe Purshouse, a lecturer in criminal law at the University of East Anglia, has researched similar groups in the United Kingdom and said while some groups do work with police, some can risk harm not only to themselves but any potential prosecution of those they’re targeting.

TikTok has blocked a number of the hashtags that the accounts use under its community guidelines, and Purshouse said that was sensible given Tiktok’s demographic skews are the young generation. “It’s not appropriate for young children to be viewing or having access to such sites,” he said.

Social network sites can often be a hive of predators stalking and sending explicit messages to children and women. The federal government is currently pushing for tech companies such as Facebook to delay making their messaging services encrypted by default, which they say would make it much harder for law enforcement to investigate child sexual abuse online.

According to Purshouse, the internet has created a problem for people not knowing what their kids are doing and getting access to and then it offers the solution as well. Fifteen or 20 years ago, covert surveillance operations and stings could only really be done by law enforcement but now the internet is putting that power into regular citizens’ hands and they have currently got almost a free hand to wield it as they see fit.

2.) A List of Events Cancelled due to Coronavirus

COVID-19s growing fear has led to shutting down of dozens of events around the world.

There are about hundred thousand people that have been affected around the globe and a death toll of approximately 3500 has been recorded. 

According to John Hopkins University, there are more than 200 cases in the US. More than 40,000 people have signed a petition for cancelling the South by Southwest event, where about ½ a million people come from Austin, Texas etc. to discuss and celebrate the convergence of film, technology and music.Those that have not been cancelled either have been postponed or have turned into online-only event.

As of Friday, March 6, the latest cancellations are as follows:

  • The 58th Annual U.S. Senate Youth Program was canceled Thursday, two days before students were due to arrive in Washington, D.C. It is the second time the program has been canceled in its almost 60-year history.
  • The TED conference scheduled to be held in Vancouver on April 20-24 will be postponed or held virtually, according to the BBC.
  • HIMSS canceled its health technology conference, 2020 Global Health Conference & Exhibition, where President Trump was scheduled to speak. It’s the first cancellation in the conference’s 58-year history, officials said Thursday. The conference was set for March 9-13 in Orlando.
  • The American Bar Association on Wednesday canceled its National Institute on White Collar Crime. The event was scheduled for March 11-13 in San Diego.

The Ultra Music Festival in Miami, scheduled for March 20-22, has reportedly been postponed, the Miami Herald reports. And some of the other big events that have been cancelled for March are:

  • Green Day’s ‘Hella Mega Tour’
  • American Physical Society annual meeting
  • Natural Products Expo West
  • Arnold (Schwarzenegger) Sports Festival
  • Chicago State University basketball games
  • The Geneva International Motor Show
  • Magnuson 2020 Awards dinner
  • CERAWeek
  • Facebook Global Marketing Summit
  • Mariah Carey concert
  • The London Book Fair
  • ASEAN summit
  • Microsoft’s MVP Summit
  • Ultra-Music Festival in Miami
  • Bologna Children’s Book Fair

   For April & May these are as follows:

  • ‘No Time to Die’ film postponed
  • Google’s Cloud Next ’20
  • BTS Map of the Soul Tour
  • Chinese Grand Prix
  • Avril Lavigne’s Head Above Water World Tour
  • Facebook developer conference
  • IBM Think 2020
  • Google’s I/O developer conference
  • Global Gaming Expo Asia

  3) Blockchain Payment Technology in India

Allied Wallet a global FinTech company, his founder Andy Khawaja, recently announced new plans to bring blockchain technology to India’s rapidly growing e-commerce market. They have supported India’s e-commerce growth for many years and now aim to bring their e-commerce businesses and users state-of-the-art blockchain technology because India’s e-commerce revenue has the highest annual growth rate in the world and its internet economy is expected to grow to $250 billion by 2021.

According to them, e-commerce has shown incredible growth in India, they want to give their businesses and users the best technology to improve payments and also protect them. Blockchain technology encrypts transactions and protects all parties involved. It’s faster, it has more capabilities and they are proud of their new innovations.

India hosts the second largest internet user base in the world just behind China. As more of India’s population adopts the internet and smartphones, this number will only continue to grow and blockchain technology is very promising for the payment processing industry and will allow payments to be made in real-time. The technology will make payment processing more agile, responsive, and lower costs for businesses and ultimately consumers.

By 2021, India’s internet user population is projected to reach 829 million users. “So, as India becomes even more accustomed to shopping online, we want to support their digital payments and protect them. Blockchain technology is one way in which we plan to do so,” Andy Khawaja added.

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