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Hello Guys, Welcome to Legends hub Blog. Top technology news for the week are as follows.

1.) Streaming Quality Cut for a Month by Netflix in Europe

As the demand for streaming has hiked because of self-isolation in Europe. So, Netflix has decided to provide low video streaming but the movies shown online would be in a good quality. This change is being applied in UK as well as other European countries. Several factors that influence data are: –

  1. Video Resolution- where the videos are in HD or ultra HD 4K
  2. Bitrate- another factor that gives clear and smooth videos when seen online.

The Netflix has decided to act on bitrates and customers who are paying for the ultra-high definition 4K would be given the benefits. It seems to appear as a comprise according to Netflix.Whereas, there has been no bitrate reduction in North America and Internet usage has gone through the roof as people are working from their home and avoiding going out.

 Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Wednesday that the platform was seeing “big surges” as users tried to stay connected with friends. The social media boss said the company typically saw its largest surge in use on New Year’s Eve, but that recent demand had outpaced that.

2.) Anti-malarial and Antibiotic could reduce COVID-19 span according to French


The International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents has found early evidence that the combination of hydroxychloroquine, a popular anti-malaria drug known under the trade name Plaqenuil and antibiotic azithromycin (aka Zithromax or Azithrocin) could be especially effective in treating the COVID-19 coronavirus. The researchers performed a study on 30 confirmed COVID-19 patients because the study was conducted after reports from treatment of Chinese patients indicated that this particular combo had efficacy in shortening the duration of infection in patients.20 of the 30 participants in the study received treatment and the results showed that while hydroxychloroquine was effective on its own as a treatment, when combined with azithromycin it was even more effective and by a significant margin. Researchers globally are testing a number of potential treatments, including a range of drugs used previously in the efforts to combat Ebola, SARS, HIV and other global outbreaks. There are no confirmed effective treatments specifically for COVID-19 to date, but regulators and medical researchers everywhere are working hard to get through the process of testing and approvals in search of something that can at least reduce the duration or severity of symptoms in patents.

 3.) In India Ringtones restored by Health Info

Jio, BSNL and Vodafone have adopted the move after a request from the government. It contains information about the virus and its symptoms, and is heard only by the caller & it is not a default handset ringtone.

“It’s been just about a week since we started hearing this ringtone on many calls,” said Kinjal Pandya-Wagh, a senior journalist in the BBC’s Delhi Bureau. And it has helped people understand a bit more about the symptoms and what to do if they have them. However, “a bit of panic” has been seen among some of those who are already very anxious about the virus. Its introduction from 9 March had not been accompanied by much media coverage but had “raised a few eyebrows”. Also, some negatives have been seen the following day, various websites pointed out that by pressing either the number one or the hashtag key, the ringing sound would return instead.

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