Top 5 challenges faced in migration of backup infrastructure

1. Inventory –

As infrastructure remain dispersed around the globe for most of the big players the major challenge is to finalize the inventory for which we need to do consolidation or migration. What policies are currently configured, what is the data source and how they are managing restores? The consolidation process becomes stagnant if inventory varies with time or we don’t have right information to build infrastructure on.


2. Compatibility Check –

All environments have variant infrastructure which include SAP, ORACLE, MYSQL so before moving to new data protection tool we face many compatibility issues which need to resolve by coordinating with various infra and application teams.

3. Offsite Retention –

99% of present scenarios involve consolidating of many remote sites management for offsite retention (tapes) and backup had become a momentous challenge. Either companies are bounded to use replication tool to move data from offsite to archival filers of storage or somehow extend the contracts with vendors to preserve the tapes for defined retention.

4. Load estimation –

To estimate the initial backup storage with destination full backup of whole migrated infrastructure is one of the additional challenges one has to face. Many use SLP but after managing the schedule many still facing jobs queuing issues for large backup windows which were causing danger of data loss in case of backup failure. As in that situation companies are in no position to troubleshoot the backup exceptions as we are nearer to next day backup window.

5. Effort and work overlapping –

Due to multiple tools in the environment team need to support both the tools in the environment for indicative phase of migration which result in effort overlapping and work overlapping of numerous team members. We were in need of associates who can work in multiple backup tools which sometime become a enormous challenge.

Amrit Pal singh

Designing critical migration from legacy to cloud environments, extending devops approach into analytics, AI/ML to maximize the purpose of agile approach. We work to integrate compliance with risk, security and regulations, building seamless interfaces across multiple systems. I am fortunate to manage complex hierarchy of global portfolios, programs and projects and executive communication . Provide TCO analyses to low level architecture, design and implementation, readiness and building BCP/DR/HA, and around the clock monitoring & management using cloud tools relevant to our customer's situation and objectives.

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