“Wealth is Health” has become new proverb for IT people which need turnover

Wealth is new health or wealth is more healthy. The inclination of cardiac and diabetic trends in Adults is really alarming and fostering my subject. According to studies published .The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2007) , sugar consumption in society increased by 50 %.The most given  answer to get high profile role is “I want to have good compensation and better salary”. So can I say Wealth is new health.
I don’t want to be part of this wave. But am I been forced to be in this lobby?

Reading through various articles and talking to multiple people in variant geographical location mostly in IT I am able to classify why we are becoming unhealthy day by day. And guess what I have few solutions too which may not be suitable or aligned to few but you know what, they are been adopted by most of the people who think they have become healthier from last year. Yes there are people on this globe which belong to this category as well.

Wealth is health

Now starting with classification-

  • We are becoming too automated

Yes ! this is the fact. If someone say I want to automate a process in my organization it look fine .But automating my daily routine is really hampering you in many ways. Productive life is missing high times. I am not at all going to get my Grandma Pension check now as it is automatically delivered to her account. I am not going out to get newspaper from local book shop as now I have tab to get news update.

Then :

Try to be more social in your approach. Still millions in this world strive for food and basic amenities. Make habit to interact with them in person which may drag you to lose more calories. Try to stop your automation for a day and find your passion which may be different and adventurous.

  • Junk is the phenomena “no cooking please”

Junk food consumption is sky rocketing. Can we count the days and meals we are away from Junk food ?

Yes we all failed we don’t even score 33% in this question. Junk food is less nutritious and over calorized.

With high amount of unhealthy fats and high insulin values we are sticking to this exploitation as we don’t want to believe in home food any more. In office I have  options such as Samosa , Fried chicken , Chips etc which I prefer more than Caesar salad , Idlis , Quinoa and may be sofa chunks. No one remember how many meals we  have taken  in office in single which is all junk.



Try to have 5 meals in a day with some nutritious values in it. Substitute fats with proteins. Get fruits in office routine. No to creamy food on office desk. Increase salad and pulses and try to decrease bread quantity in meal.

  • “Suddenly I am 24×7” – No discipline

With overwork you may grow fast but not far. Pick the list of all successful personalities on this earth one common trait you will found is discipline. Going to gym and doing less than 7 hours sleep is just making your body more prone to disease.

Body need to rebuild itself. One will lose its creativity by doing over work. According to Cauter EV, et al. The Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Hormones and Metabolism. Medscape (2005) , the sleep time is decreased to 6 hours from 8.5 hours average in last 50 years.



Try to maintain daily at least 7 hour sleep schedule .If work out is more try to balance it with more rest. Give yourself more discipline schedule to remain creative and focused to the goal.

  • “Water? No…!!” – Water is disappearing.

I need energy drink in the morning. Diet drinks in the lunch Smoothie in the evening snacks and coffee after dinner. Where is water mate ?

Diet drinks are as harmful as soda one. They either contain sweeteners or sugar. If water consumabilty is increased by 50 % vulnerability will be decreased by 70

% then why we don’t want to drink this sacred thing provided by the nature.


Drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water daily. Water is life don’t put alternatives which you believe can substitute it.

Amrit Pal singh

Designing critical migration from legacy to cloud environments, extending devops approach into analytics, AI/ML to maximize the purpose of agile approach. We work to integrate compliance with risk, security and regulations, building seamless interfaces across multiple systems. I am fortunate to manage complex hierarchy of global portfolios, programs and projects and executive communication . Provide TCO analyses to low level architecture, design and implementation, readiness and building BCP/DR/HA, and around the clock monitoring & management using cloud tools relevant to our customer's situation and objectives.

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