Changing Dynamics of Technology – Are we competent for this transformation ?

We are in the era of social engineering and digital marketing. The  implementation of ideas  in this age of technology is rapid. The aggressive goals which are been set in the organization has put methodologies under  pressure. Technology is victimizing the transformations. Let take an example to understand it more clearly.

We all were taking about moving  the server load  on virtual environment leveraging type1 or type 2 virtualization. This was only 3 years back. Technocrats start pushing them self for trainings such as VMware , hyper V etc. Suddenly the people are now hiring  engineers who are master of cloud such as AWS , Azure , open stack. How many people can become master in a technology who is just implementing ? This was just a curious thought.

Digital marketing

Marketing teams are approaching all the clients with Machine learning enabled tools. But here the question arises do we have competency  to get full efficiency from those tools and the capabilities they provide .The topic in discussion was is dynamics changing  technology .Yes off course it is rapidly been moving. But  are we competent for these transformation ?

Not sure If any single vendor or organization can answer this question .We have same set of engineers which were finding their ways in virtualization and now suddenly they have been told to start implementation of containers and IOT stuff. Technology development is over lapping the competency enhancement pace.

Another side of coin is also highlighting the engineer way to become or to choose particular field . Nobody want to concentrate on technology everyone is prioritizing tools over technology. Tools may change with time but technology transforms. As a reference we can say LXC which was been used in Linux from  10 years is leading to container in this era .Xen vitalization in Linux has given birth to type 1 virtulization and ultimately to VMware.

Our budding  youth is been forced to choose the career path which may be short lived. Recruiters are looking out for people with experience more than the technology was been into existence. This is not pragmatic approach. More than 90% of the companies are not able to come out of hybrid approach or not able to use the product capabilities because of competencies gaps.

This is the opportunity to the consulting companies or the in-house support subscriptions to groom their business as well. Organization are been on track of commutative price models and pay as you use pricing structure. The only down fall for this pace of dynamic adaption will be unemployment. To train similar number of engineers in  such a small transition gap is next challenge to society and organizations.

Amrit Pal singh

Designing critical migration from legacy to cloud environments, extending devops approach into analytics, AI/ML to maximize the purpose of agile approach. We work to integrate compliance with risk, security and regulations, building seamless interfaces across multiple systems. I am fortunate to manage complex hierarchy of global portfolios, programs and projects and executive communication . Provide TCO analyses to low level architecture, design and implementation, readiness and building BCP/DR/HA, and around the clock monitoring & management using cloud tools relevant to our customer's situation and objectives.

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