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Hello Guys, Welcome to Legendshub Blog. Top technology new for the week are as follows.

1.) Google CEO called for AI(Artificial Intelligence) regulation

Google CEO Sundar Pichai bolster the need of Regulation in AI. He stated ” “There is no question in my mind that artificial intelligence needs to be regulated. It is too important not to,” writes Pichai in an editorial for The Financial times. “The only question is how to approach it. ” Right now there are AI regulation framework discussion going on in EU and US.

Google CEO

As Google will be one of the biggest beneficiary of AI so this statement will open arena for Advisory to start setting up pitch for regulation in technologies such as Face recognition etc.

We already know Google drops out of Pentagon 10 billion dollar deal in October 2018 as there were rumors about Google been delivered some use case of AI which are not ethically aligning to company’s principle.

2.) Rolls Royce is building mini nuclear reactors for UK which are projected to be operational by 2029

But oppositions is forcing UK government to quit option of Nuclear power. This ambitious looking projection can be a breakthrough if been achieved seamlessly.

3.) Microsoft will go Carbon negative by 2030

According to the statement by Microsoft president Brad Smith, Microsoft will remove more carbon then its omit by 2030. This plan will included investment in renewable source of energy, switching to electric automotive within campuses. Microsoft will also be setting up a $1 billion “climate innovation fund” in order to develop carbon reduction techniques.

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