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1.) Record Breaking Stay in Space By Christina Koch

NASA astronaut Christina Koch has finally come home after a 328-day ordeal in an International Space Station with two more colleagues. Seeing her smile and giving thumbs up, Christina has set the record for the longest single space flight and also added another jewel to the recent achievements by female astronauts.

NASA astronaut Christina Hammock Koch, a member of the International Space Station (ISS) expedition 59/60, attends her final exam at the Gagarin Cosmonauts’ Training Centre in Star City outside Moscow on February 20, 2019. – NASA astronauts Christina Hammock Koch and Nick Hague and Russian cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin are preparing for the launch onboard the Soyuz MS-12 spacecraft from the Russian-leased Kazakh Baikonur cosmodrome on March 14, 2019. (Photo by STR / POOL / AFP) (Photo credit should read STR/AFP via Getty Images)

Koch along with Luca Parmitano of European Space Agency and Alexander Skvortsov of Russia, landed in a frozen desert of Kazakhstan that is about 7000 miles away from Houston, the headquarters of America’s human space program. This is not the first time an astronaut has landed in the barren landscape of Kazakhstan, not far from the infamous Soviet-era Gulag labor camp and remote enough, that locals only show up on horsebacks.

After the retirement of Space Shuttle Fleet in 2011, NASA pays Russia more than 80 million dollars a seat for rides to International Space Stations. The astronauts are launched on Russian rockets from Baikonur Cosmo drome and return in a Soyuz spacecraft. But now NASA soon hopes to return human spaceflights to American soil and celebrate the next Chapter from Florida Canaveral, the birthplace of American Space Age.

Christina’s long stay in space broke the record of Peggy Whitson (2017). She stayed about 288 days in space on a single mission and came within two weeks of record for a single spaceflight by an American. Whitson still hold the record for total days in space by any NASA astronaut at 665. And, she was really proud of Koch and said, “I am always happy that we at NASA are breaking records. This means we’re moving forward. I think it’s good it’s a sign of progress and I love it” who has now retired from the agency.

A point came where Koch’s mission was being considered for an extension but it deferred because it was in the best interest of the program to follow the schedule and optimize the use of space stations. She was a scientist from North Carolina who joined the astronaut corp in 2013, the first ever class where women exceeded men in number.

In October, Koch and Jessica Meir performed the 1st all-female space walk when they stepped out of the space station to repair a faulty charger. Christina spent 42 hours and 15 minutes outside the station in all. However, at NASA and in aerospace industry women remain an overwhelming minority even after all the high-profile milestones and record-breaking achievements. Ellen Stofan, a Former Chief Scientist at NASA adds, “Women still have along way to go”.

This achievement by Koch comes as NASA celebrates its 20 years contribution of continuous human presence on the space stations, some 240 miles above Earth. Christina had been in numerous scientific experiments like mustard green, combustion, bio-printing and Kidney disease but was eager to come back in nature. She said she missed the Sun and eating with fork and knife.  

2.) LinkedIn CEO Steps Down

The CEO of LinkedIn Jeff Weiner is stepping down not to go away but to join again as the LinkedIn Executive Chairman and his shoes are being filled in by Ryan Roslansky, a Senior VP of product at Microsoft owned company and the two seem to have a similar vision that is, to continue the company’s work to limit bias among its users.

Linked CEO Jeff Weiner

According to WIRED Weiner told, “that it felt it was the right time and the sense of purpose, the vision has become so inextricably linked with his own sense of purpose. Whereas, Roslansky said that he did not accept the job of CEO to change the company but because he couldn’t believe more in LinkedIn.

In 2019 the revenue growth of LinkedIn grew up to 24% that is from 1.7 billion in 2018 to 2.1 billion in 2019. Now Weiner as the executive chairman plans to focus on preventing “network bias “on LinkedIn Network bias means or refers to people hiring and interacting with others who have similar backgrounds and education. He also quoted, “the opportunity for me to continue work with (Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella) and the Microsoft leading team in pursuit to help billions to gain economic opportunity adds an exciting dimension. “

On the other hand, Mr. Roslansky would be under the lens as to how he operates. WIRED said he has taken the initiatives in LinkedIn’s decision to disallow political ads from the platform.

  3.) Pizza Delivery? Driverless!

The US regulators for the first time have approved and given permission to Nuro Inc. an autonomous vehicle startup to make deliveries without human control.

Driver less R2 Vehicle

Nuro Inc, a privately held robotics company, that was co-founded in 2016 by two former engineers of Google’s self-driving car project, will start testing their 1st R2 vehicle in Houston, which will help to make deliveries like groceries and pizza.   This car is about half the width of a normal car with no steering wheel and no seating positions, just plain good old space to keep the supplies.                  

Walmart Inc (WMT.N) and Dominos Pizza (DPZ.N) are the first two partners to help Nuro with this pilot delivery project. According to the company, the approval by the government is, “a milestone for the industry.”

In 2018, Nuro told NHTSA that though there R2 vehicles are electric powered delivery robots, they still would be monitored at all times by remote human operators who can take over driving controls if required. Nuro Inc. took a few years to overhaul, federal laws for speed deployment of self-driving vehicles, including the 75 auto safety standards in order to win the regulators’ approval.

Finally, the NHTSA agency, issued the approval with such exemptions because the R2 is a classified low speed neighborhood vehicle that it does not need to meet all the safety requirements of a traditional vehicle.

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