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Hello Guys, Welcome to Legendshub Blog. Top technology news for the week are as follows.

1.) Google One Today is Bidding Farewell

Google has decided to shut down the Goggle One Today app for good. This app helped donating money, to nonprofits anonymously and this money went to the choosing of your, good causes. Unlike other fund-raising platforms, that helped lining the pockets for some.

This site will receive its recent donated cash till February 6 and after that, Google will shut down, Goggle One Today for good and Google, is giving the users a week’s time to find other alternatives.

According to some, Google One today was an application that was developed for a nobble cause and its heart breaking, to see it go.                                                                              We hope, Goggle will use this knowledge and the technology in a good and new way, along with giving it a name, that won’t collide with any other app or product. 

2.) In India Zomato has Uber under its Belt

Uber has finally decided, to sell its food delivery business to Zomato in India, for 9.99%of Indian start up.                                                                                                       The two local food delivery leaders in India Zomato and Swiggy, controlled about 80%of the food delivery markets. Now, with Ubers contacts, the monthly food orders for Zomato will increase drastically and giving it a slight edge over Swiggy.

In the previous year Uber was facing an increased amount of pressure from investors to turn a profit, but after all efforts it all went in vain. Thus, leading it to take such a step.                                                                                                                    It is also reported that, Uber eats had to pull out of South Korea in September and it sold off its ride hailing business in South East Asia to a local competitor in 2018.

Zomato that began in 2008, as an online guide that scanned menus and later on became an Ant Financial with 150 million dollars offer for the Zomato Coffers in fund raising events. They even started a loyalty program in 2017, but it gave way when hundreds of restaurants dropped out of the program in a coordinated campaign, citing their losses.

 Uber Eats and Zomato, both are like a ray of hope for one another and will strengthen their positions in the food delivery marketing category according to Deepinder Goyal, Zomato’s Chief Executive.                                                      


3.)  Facebook Under Lawsuit AGAIN

Recently, Facebook was in the news for violation privacy by FTC, where Facebook settled with five billion dollars.                                                                                                     And now, again, it is under surveillance, because of alleged systemic violation of Illinois Consumer Privacy Law.

A class action law suit has been filled against Fb by the members of Illinois Facebook users (from mid-2011 to mid-2015) and the small fraction that is to be paid by Fb would be around $ 35 billion. The suit was filled in 2015, alleging that Facebook was collecting facial recognition data by images of users without disclosure, in contravention of the State 2008 Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) and similar suits were also involving Shutterfly, Snapchat and Goggle.

After a robust battle in court, the Fb has decided to settle the negotiable amount of 550 million and also states,” As it was in the best interest of the community and our shareholders to move past this matter”.  

On the other hand, the founder and CEO of Edelson PC (a law firm), Mr. Jay Edelson said in a press conference, “We are proud of a strong team who has helped resolve the fight and expect & hope that other companies will follow Facebooks lead and pay attention to the importance of Biometric information.

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