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Hello Guys, Welcome to Legendshub Blog. Top technology news for the week are as follows.

1.) Data Protection to be Lost by UK Google Users

Data and user account of British users is being moved by Google to the US and is placing Europe outside the strong privacy protection. Google is trying for the British users to acknowledge the new terms of service, which includes new jurisdiction. This allocation of data will leave, sensitive personal information of millions exposed, by the Europe’s world-leading General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Thus, making it easier for the British Law Enforcement to get their hands on.

According to Google, there would be no negative effect on their services or the privacy which includes the collection and processing of data & also with how they respond to the law enforcement demand for information on the users. They added, that the UK GDPR protection would still be applied to the users.

Some of the US tech companies and Google have their European headquarters in Ireland, where they have the worlds most aggressive data protection rules- GDPR.  So now, Google is trying to remove or move its British users out of the Irish jurisdiction because of the uncertainty shown by Britain.

On the other hand, the United States recent Cloud Act, would make things simpler for the British authorities to get data from the US companies and keep track on the trade agreement as well.

Lea Kissner, Google’s former lead for global privacy technology, stated that she might have been surprised if the company had kept British accounts controlled in an EU country with the UK no longer a member. Kissner also included that, the UK Government is thinking to trade away enough data protection just to lose adequacy under GDPR.

On the contrary, Jim Killock, the executive director of the digital rights organization Open Rights Group, said: “Moving people’s personal information to the USA makes it easier for mass surveillance programs to access it”.

To conclude, if the UK decides not to adopt rules that form equivalent data protections to that granted by GDPR, then extensive data-sharing agreements may be necessary. In the following months, other tech companies would have to make similar choices to Google and Facebook, who has a similar setup to Google, did not immediately respond to requests for a comment.

2.) Early-Stage Cancer Detection inside Lungs via Navigation by Israel

Body Vision, a start-up in Israel, has created a technology that allows doctors to detect early-stage lung cancer through a minimally invasive procedure navigating the affected organ. Apparently, it is not like the current approach of “watchful waiting” that a lesion in the lung will disappear. This technique is used today to avoid the risk of an invasive alternative: surgical or CT-guided biopsy procedures for diagnostics.

Dorian Averbuch, the Ramat Hasharon-based company’s CEO, has a background in mechanical engineering, but he has been working in the field of pulmonology for the past 20 years, and he states that when he started in 2001, the latest innovation available was the bronchoscopy procedure itself that had been introduced decades before, even though the imaging equipment had improved dramatically but years later and with much more experience, Mr. Averbuch still felt that something was not working out in the interaction between humans and technology in treating lung cancer.                                                                                  

Lung cancer global survival rate is just around 10%, making this form of cancer one of the deadliest in the world. In the US, where advanced medical facilities are available, the survival rate stands at about 18%.

From that very instant, he got on board to start a journey that prompted him to establish Body Vision in 2014, with the idea to use available technology to collect and use all the possible information from the body to target the disease. And after a few tries they were able to use a combination of augmented reality, imaging and artificial intelligence. This technology takes advantage of lung tunnels to reach suspected nodules and check if they are cancerous tumors, therefore allowing surgeons to treat them when the lesion is small and at an early stage, thus improving the patient’s chances to recover and survive significantly.

The first clinical study started in 2015 and now the technology is fully approved and commercialized. The Institute of Pulmonary and Allergy Medicine at the Rabin Medical Center-Beilinson and Hasharon campuses was the first hospital among many in the world to start clinical procedures with Lung Vision, and today the technology has already been employed in hundreds of procedures across 14 hospitals in the United States.

This new device helps in getting a tri-dimensional model of the nodule, meaning a precise target for the biopsy, through the data collected by a CT and other noninvasive examinations and another benefit of the technology is represented by its adaptability to a wide range of existing machines and instruments, minimizing the need for additional hardware in procedure rooms and therefore the costs.A second generation has also been developed, which is considered more powerful than the first one.

2.) Motadata in the Race for Fastest Growing Technology in India

“Motadata” a brand name for a company called Mind array Systems Pvt. Ltd., which is a leading provider of affordable and powerful Network Monitoring, Log Management & IT Service Management Platforms was the winner of the prestigious Deloitte Technology Fast500 APAC and Deloitte Technology Fast50 India in 2019.                                                                                                                         

The award that is given is based on three categories:                             First, companies who have achieved accelerated revenue growth in a span of three financial years. Second, those who have shown immense entrepreneurial spirit and,Third, the involvement of next-gen innovation in their products from which the industry could attain large benefits. And Among top 50 contenders, Motadata attained the 4th position in India and 34th among 500 companies in APAC.

On this special occasion the CEO of Motadata, Mr. Amit Shingala said a few words in which he said that he was very pleased to have this award. They have continuously thrived on innovation, to build around, the evolving technology and they are hoping that like their other products their new initiative the ITSM SaaS and AI-Powered Product Suites will only add fuel to the growth of the company and technology, by helping them, to come a step closer to, winning the prestigious award again next year. 

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