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Hello Guys, Welcome to Legendshub Blog. Top technology news for the week are as follows.

1.) Hybrid Toyota in India for 80 Lakhs

Toyota launches Vellfire in India, where the starting price ex-showroom is RS. 79.5 lakhs. This MPV is seen in a single Executive lounge which is a seven-seater and is also available in 4 different colors.
Its exterior styling consists of a vertical nose with chrome inserts and split headlamps, while at the rear it gets a clean layout with LED taillamps. Also, it has a 2.5-litre petrol engine with 117PS, coupled with two electric motors, a 143PS in the front and 68PS at the rear.
Whereas, the interiors have a whole new level. It comes with a 2.5-litre petrol engine with 117PS, coupled with two electric motors, a 143PS in the front and 68PS at the rear. They can also be customized with a choice of two-color options- beige and black.
The car has three rows of seats with the second row having captain seats and the last row with a bench seat which can accommodate a good three passengers. However, the second row is the main highlight with all the bells and whistles to go with, including electrically operated controls, footrests and a folding desk.
Vellfire booking has started and it is a direct rival to Mercedes-Benz V-Class in Indian markets.

2.) India’s WIPRO Buys Seattle Company for $52 Million 

Seattle’s digital marketing firm, Rational Interaction, has been bought by Indian digital firm Wipro for 52 million. This buyout will help Wipro increase its prowess in the digital world.

It is a woman founded and led company & along with it, it brings big clientele like, Microsoft’s retail stores; Azure cloud division and Xbox group; Amazon; Zillow; Google; T-Mobile and others.

There are 350 people working at Rational Interaction in Seattle; Bellevue, Washington; Dublin and Sydney. And Seattle alone has 180,000 employs with an annual turnover of 8.5 billion dollars.

3.) Live Facial Recognition for Carnival by Brazilian Police

Brazil has evolved in the using of facial recognition technology and is now in place in the largest possible lab that is the Carnival. Though it was used for a similar purpose last year but it was on a smaller scale.

This technology helps in cataloging faces of million people automatically who are having a good time on the streets and the “sambadromes”, which is a ground where the world-famous parades take place. It, also aims to find out about wanted criminals.

The country’s largest urban center “Sao Paulo” has tech that supports many cameras which send facial images to the police database. After the announcement of this facial recognition the Sao Paulo police added that a “situation room” would monitor the images from the cameras, which are then compared with a database managed by a biometrics lab. Thus, preventing any wrongful arrests or mistaken identity.

If this would be successful event, the police of São Paulo plans on using the system in various other events which involve crowds and where there is potential for conflict and criminal activity.

However, the use of facial recognition in Brazil elsewhere in the public sector has been controversial.

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