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Everyone is born twice in during their life journey. The first birth is our physical birth from our biological mother and father.  The second birth is the spiritual birth when the Soul seeks the truth. In the second birth the soul is awakened to another set of father and mother. The Supreme father is the father of all souls and Mother Nature with the five elements gives us this body and nurtures it. The spiritual or second birth causes an inner change in the thinking of a person and how he/she perceives the world around them. This change can be sudden fast revolutionary change visible to all or a slow gradual or subtle change hardly perceptible.

 This new journey of a spiritual birth inspires hope and revitalizes the individual’s life and future with a greater purpose of showing the path of happiness to everyone. Every soul/person can feel it is time for change from kalyug/ dark age/ the age of the fallen world where each soul is under the influence of Maya/ illusion of the materialistic world thinking of their lives as permanent, each soul has fallen from their pure state to an impure state. Every individuals mind gets distracted from shrimat / guidelines of the Supreme, to manmat/ making your own guidelines when the mind is under the influence of Maya.

The present time the confluence age or the Diamond age is to be in remembrance of the Supreme, to engage in the material world as a yogi, without being distracted by it. Be a yogi and not a bhogi.

The change is slowly happening around us, the Satyug/ Golden age is being ushered in by the Supreme and the perceptive souls are preparing for their golden future. We cannot change time. Now is time for all to change from impure to pure souls. To be in the divine golden age one needs divine qualities. Purity of the soul has its own royalty. When the mind is clear the intellect is automatically clear and focused. On ones journey through life there are endless possibilities. The desire to change is an intention which gives direction to the seeker of truth. In his/ her quest for truth one must have determination, commitment to disciplined action and focus.

The process of discovery of truth is different for each soul/ person depending on their purity. The process is an end itself. One should be interested in the process, the results will eventually follow. If the person enjoys his spiritual path something beautiful will definitely come out of it. Some times it is very difficult to see ‘What is, as is’ without tainting it with our belief system, our environment, our past interactional experience, our prejudices, our expectations, our motives and our opinions.

Our relationship with a person is not according to the labels given by society or family rather a true relationship is based on what I think about that person. In a relationship we may regard someone in high esteem based on their age, position, label of a relationship, bank balance, their knowledge, how hard they worked for it but when we respect someone it is what we think about them without these labels. When we respect someone we accept them as they are. We have an attitude of high consideration for them.

Acceptance and appreciation are needed by every soul/ person. Every interaction should start with a clean slate. This moment how that person is, not based on our interaction in the past or on presumption on how they are going to be tomorrow. One should be a well wisher for everyone instead of only helping those who fit in our psychological box. To renounce the consciousness of ‘I’ the ego being body conscious and under the influence of Maya of ‘mine’ instead to recognize ‘I’ the soul being soul conscious as a conqueror of Maya and behaving like a trustee. A trustee does not have attachment to anyone or anything as he/ she is clear in their minds of their responsibility to manage the assets for the beneficiary. A trustee takes care of all his responsibilities lovingly but in a detached manner. Detached does not mean to stop caring,  rather to take care of everything without going in to pain and distraction that our mind gets into under the influence of Maya. By being detached in a situation one is able to empower and guide others towards a solution. A detached mind is a stable and strong mind. It is able to weigh

The pros and cons of a situation in an impartial manner, and is able to make rational decisions based on his/ her heightened perspective.

Purity is the foundation. To have purity at all three levels of thoughts, words and deeds. Peace and happiness automatically comes to pure, noble and charitable souls.

 Everyone should make an effort to decorate themselves with divine vision and divine virtues. Every person should have a jewel box not filled with materialistic gold or diamonds but with beautiful divine virtues. Each person should make an effort to imbibe and inculcate the Godly virtues like generosity, honesty, patience, purity, contentment, courage, cooperation, tolerance, appreciation, benevolence, cheerfulness, determination, fearlessness, humility, benevolence, farsightedness, appreciation. Wouldn’t it be nice if each person took out a jewel each day and practiced it in their daily lives. Our pure aura should be the perfume we spread around wherever we go.

The elevated or learned souls / persons have good wishes and pure feelings for ignorant souls and are always showing them the path of eternal happiness by enlightenment of knowledge/ Naam of the Supreme. No matter how big a problem is, it will become small when observed through the lens of Supreme knowledge. Whatever it is will pass have patience, storms will come but not even a small sinful action must be done under the influence of Maya because it brings along all its progeny. Never indulge in vices and cause sorrow to anyone. Everyone gets limited amount of time on this journey of life. Ones thoughts and time are a persons biggest treasures.     

Sandeep Mankatala

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