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Everything that a person is blessed with in his life has a subtle extra-ordinariness, a magical touch to it and to establish a vibrant connection between the soul and the Supreme in this intensely hectic life requires commitment. To let this relationship blossom at its own pace naturally during our daily practice of remembrance and gratitude for the Supreme.

The paradox is that we can never truly let go of what we have learnt. It is always retained in our sub consciousness at some level. Sometimes we create mental filters and perceive the people or situations through these filters. The Supreme Divine knowledge is like a hammer used to shatter fixed thinking patterns or mental filters. It’s like a sharp knife used to cut bondages of karma. For those who choose to meditate on its meaning it helps to absolve the past sins like a holy fire.

 It helps to open up our minds for deep intuition or the third eye to open. Like a person who manages to survive a life threatening situation, is never the same person he/ she was before the tough situation. Once our relationship with the Supreme deepens the soul/ person is never the same again. Many latent powers and virtues are awakened in the person with the blessing of the divine energy. The soul/ person is able to discern the intention behind every karma. The divine knowledge teaches us how to be true to oneself by

Recognizing my true self, be in harmony with everything around and yet be practical in day to day life.

 During the pilgrimage of remembrance of the Supreme a person often invokes spiritual powers, but they must remember that divine virtues and spiritual powers go hand in hand. The more one churns on the knowledge/ naam and tries to stay in the incognito remembrance of the supreme they come to the consciousness of being a spiritual being/ soul consciousness rather than body consciousness. The person who is connected to the creator receives power/ Shakti from the Supreme. The more one stays in the state of ‘real’ self as a soul (deity) residing in this temple (body). He/ she is in tune with the universal frequency.

It is a gradual training of the mind to stay in inner solitude or bliss in its pure and natural form. Slowly the realization dawns that the finite materialistic world can not satisfy the infinite within us. This is followed by Vairagya/ dispassion/ non attachment. It does not mean we abandon our family, our responsibilities in life and run to the mountains. Vairagya’s literal meaning is transparent like the clear water, which lets you see the fish, the soil at the bottom, the plants underneath as they are. Only when one is in this state of renunciation/ vairagya, away from the pains and pleasures of the material world, indifferent to the sensual pleasures, balanced in both happiness and sadness, anger and peace, applause and rejection, free from all distortions of the mind, in this state can a person see people/ situations/ things as is.

Then he/ she can make an effort to lift themselves. An effort must be made to ‘raise yourself by yourself ‘, ultimately we have to help ourselves.

 On the path of spirituality to bond with the supreme creator and not to fall in the web of Ego or the illusion of Maya. The ego is the attachment to a wrong image of oneself. As an actor/ actress on this world stage we put on many masks like that of a father, teacher, mother, friend, brother, doctor, sister, boss and slowly start identifying to our name, position, family, status, my role in the drama. Everything which was supposed to be mine we called it ‘I’. I the father, I the teacher, I the boss, I the sister, I the mother, I the friend in the process forgetting the real ‘I’. We create an image of who we are like the examples discussed above and get attached to that holographic image projected by our mind. When someone says something about that image we get hurt. It requires a great deal of courage and inner strength to not identify yourself to the label of the role I am playing.

 We have to say ‘no’ to a lot of things if I want to go back to my true self. It’s like making a ‘U’ turn from the outward to the inward. In India in some places where the holy rivers Ganga and Yamuna make a U turn, it appears as though they are going back to the source where they started, these places are tirtha-kshetra or holy spots symbolizing a soul’s journey from impure to its original pure self. The soul/ person takes a U turn from outside world to the inside world.

Every soul goes through the cycle of satoguna descending to rajoguna descending to tamoguna. Now when it makes the U turn it requires the soul to ascend from tamoguna to rajoguna and from rajoguna to satoguna. One must remember it is easier to fall then rise. The water naturally moves downwards but if you wish to take it up to a height some external power/ motor energy is needed. Similarly when a soul starts to move up it has to be alert or attentive all the time from Maya/illusion/ vices.

The desire for change gives direction towards a goal. Followed with dedication, discipline and determination a person can achieve anything. Time management plays a crucial role, on how to eliminate the unnecessary, organizing and planning the twenty four hours in such a way that it gives an individual time to connect with the Supreme.

Amrit vela or the ambrosial period is of utmost importance for a seeker of truth. Some say it is from 3am to 6am while others take it about three and three quarters of an hour before sunrise. Any meditation/ prayer/ yoga (connecting with the supreme)/ chanting / reciting the lords prayers at this auspicious time gives the soul the feeling of oneness with the Supreme. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful and not polluted by the vibrations of worldly feelings or desires. At this hour worldly thoughts, worries, anxieties are at a minimum level thus it is a congenial atmosphere for the remembrance of God. It’s a great way to start your day by planting the seeds of knowledge in the soul, which change the course of one’s entire life.    

Sandeep Mankatala

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