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Assuming we start a journey in the morning wearing a white dress and return home in the evening. The white dress which was completely neat and clean in immaculate condition in the morning is not the same by evening, depending on the person wearing it. It could be a little dirty, stained, spotted, wrinkled and untidy. If the person wearing it is careless then it would be very dirty, muddied, smeared, messy and ruined.

 Similarly when we start our journey of life, our slate is clean and white, the soul is pure. If the person is not careful during the journey of life the soul gets tarnished, impure and polluted by ones sinful and immoral actions under the influence of Maya/ vices.

As in the white cloth some light stains can be washed under running water, some may require a detergent, while others may require bleach or special kind of chemical, some stains are easily removed by a machine wash, while others may require a more persistent effort and some may require dry cleaning. One thing is clear though that if the person is ready to work on the white dress it can be brought back to its mint condition. Similarly if a person is ready to do the inner work the soul can be transformed from an impure soul which is tainted with vices to a pure, peaceful and happy soul.

The body is perishable while the soul is imperishable. We all take care of our body hygiene, dental hygiene isn’t it about time we started a daily routine for taking care of our mental (spiritual) hygiene. A daily routine of prayer/ meditation/ chanting/ pranayama and mindful breathing practices/ reading and churning the divine knowledge should be followed. To stay in remembrance of the supreme by different innovative techniques. They should be followed to clear the mind and intellect of any waste, sinful or negative thoughts. The more one stays in the incognito remembrance of the supreme the more divine energy is received and the will power becomes strong to stay on the virtuous path. If we train our mind daily it learns to be stable, happy, peaceful and full of virtues all the time.

If a person is carrying a coffee cup and they trip, coffee spills out or if they are carrying a glass of lemonade and they trip, lemonade spills out. So whatever is in the cup/ glass if disturbed and not handled carefully is spilled out causing distress to everyone around. Similarly whatever is in the mind spills out as karma and it will manifest as an individuals mood, words or actions.

The body and soul are together on the journey of life. We spend so much time on the body, which is made up of five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space). We nourish our body from the food we get from the earth, water constitutes about seventy percent of our body mass, the acid in our stomach is the fire/ heat which helps to digest our food, the air fills every cell of our body with oxygen and most of our body has space element. All the five elements are connected to the five senses of smell (sensory organ nose), taste (sensory organ mouth), sight (sensory organ eyes), touch (sensory organ skin) and sound (sensory organ ear). A person must make sure the five senses are in harmony with the five elements. After spending so much on the right diet, right exercise, right environment, right clothes for our body we are not able to stop our heart pounding out of our chest under stressful conditions, butterflies in our stomach when we feel nervous. Which tells us that there is a mind and body connection which influences our health and development of disease. When the body is not at ease it is stressed, it is called dis-ease. Our thoughts, giving rise to emotions of anxiety and fear can trigger stress hormones, which suppress a person’s immune system and set the stage for infection and psychosomatic diseases.

A persons positive or negative thoughts give rise to emotions which gives rise to vibrations or the aura of a person. As discussed above our body is made up of atoms of water one of the five elements, which are in a constant state of motion or vibration creating a wave energy which affects their ability to function at an optimal level. Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments with water clearly demonstrate that feelings can change the crystal structure of water and cells. In his book ‘The hidden messages in water’ he claims how human consciousness affects the molecular structure of water. Positive, compassionate, kind and inspiring thoughts make our cells in the body vibrate in harmony.

Our thoughts often manifest as words, if not chosen cautiously, they carry energetic vibrations and are able to cause physical changes in the body. Our repeated actions form habits or sanskars or behaviors which further affect our health. It is now clearly understood that it is a vicious circle, thoughts affect the way we behave and the physiology within our body and these physical changes influence our emotions. Studies have shown that people who repress their emotions over time lead to diseases like depression, cancer, weight gain, cardiovascular diseases and a weak immune system disrupting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

 An easy way to get out of this cycle is to empower the soul with divine thoughts/ knowledge/ naam. We decorate our body all the time, why not decorate the soul with divine virtues/ thoughts. Anyone can experiment with themselves by picking one virtue like truth/ truthfulness and let it permeate the thoughts- truthful thoughts, words- truthful words, action-truthful action. Try to be as truthful you can be for twenty four hours. Next day choose kind/ kindness followed by thoughts of kindness, words of kindness, acts of kindness and generosity. A regular practice of picking a virtue with awareness each day and using it in action in our daily life helps to avoid the buildup of toxic emotions, modulate our responses according to the virtue chosen for the day. Which in turn helps to manage the neuro-physiological impact on our body to support healing and health.

Sandeep Mankatala

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