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When someone says ‘My life’ they are generally referring to their biological age and its journey from birth to the present……but when you look at it from a spiritual perspective ‘My life’ is referring to the soul’s long journey in the cycle of 84 births. Different countries, different friends and family in each life cycle, Death is just a starting point, a new beginning or in simple terms a change of address and a change of dress/ body. Another costume another lifetime.

As the Soul (energy) is eternal (energy can neither be created nor destroyed) it will go through many life cycles accumulating an account of good karma and bad karma in each life cycle. Karma and purity of a soul are closely related. Utmost care, prudence and wisdom is needed while doing any action/ karma. It is very important that we bring forth wisdom most appropriate to the situation to get the best outcome. If any wrong/sinful karmas have been created it is very important to settle these accounts in one’s life time. This can be achieved by churning on the jewels of knowledge provided by the Supreme Father.

Devoting time daily and working towards our own Human Revolution to become vice less and pure for our brilliance to shine forth. Everyone is a Hero actor/actress in their life drama writing their own script. Once life can be viewed as an episode of a serial, each episode is interconnected to the last episode of the serial. Similarly, each life time is connected to the last in some way.

Looking at the bigger picture in the World drama the director is the Supreme Father and each soul /actor /person is playing its unique and accurate part. The world drama is cyclical – Golden age(Satya yuga), Silver age(Treta yuga), Bronze age(davapar yuga), Iron age( kali yuga/ Dark age ) followed again by the Golden age or Satya yuga or the age of truth, ideal happiness, peace, prosperity, innocence and purity, where everything is good and noble.

The Earth’s rotation, its spinning on its axis (day / night) and revolution around the Sun (seasons). The rotation and revolution are not felt by anyone but it is cyclical and its effects can be observed as seasons, day n’ night. In a similar vein when the inner state of being changes for someone people around can observe it. If the mind is impure so is the surrounding atmosphere, land also becomes impure but if the mind is pure so is the surrounding atmosphere, land. What makes it one way or the other all depends on the mind / thoughts of the people residing there whether they are thinking pure or impure thoughts. So, for the making of a New World the key lies in changing the thinking pattern or revolutionizing the persons mind. Each person has to make a resolve and act daily for their Human transformation rather than complaining. To make oneself worthy and then contributing back to the society.

Time to rest is in the Soul world / Parm dham / Sach khand / Shanti dham / Incorporeal world where each soul resides peacefully with the Supreme Father. When it is time to come to the physical world and it wants to play its part in the world drama it is born. The soul world is silent n serene whereas the physical world is full of light, sound, action and performances by various actors on the world stage.

Once a person is born, on this journey of life after childhood he/she puts on their running shoes and sets goals for himself/herself and starts up a slippery slope to reach their goals not realizing that it is not a short sprint but a marathon to success. Sometimes some souls give up midway or just close to the finish line of success not realizing that instead of rushing through life it is important to enjoy the essence of the run, to chart its course, its pace and its quality. To stroll, to sprint, to amble, to stride and sometimes to even pull on one’s partners shoulder to seek guidance and rest on stretches of the lap that have just worn one down. Happiness is along the way not at the end of the road. A person should stop regularly for rest for short periods of time and admire the bountiful gifts bestowed by the Supreme.

It is not a rat race. One should be able to differentiate between personal and professional success. It is important to achieve your goals but not at any cost by compromising on your values. To maintain a balance and sometimes adjusting one’s expectations if need be. When a person reaches the finish line, he/she should be able to look back at accomplishments, challenges, growth, learnings in life from relationships and connections to be treasured as beautiful memories.

One should be optimistic embracing all the fears n rejections and pushing on. Looking at failures as steps while you move up a ladder, each step is a learning step. To know that my chances of success are increased manifold if I am happy, when the inner being of the human being is happy then the doing is also happy. As aptly said ‘If you become successful you become happy…. But if you are happy you become successful’.     One should resolve each day to do everything in a stable and happy state of mind. If a soul is connected to the Supreme it is happy and fearless, obstacles look like opportunities to learn.

If a soul/ person is worried, troubled, depressed it is time to stop and connect to the Supreme for his guidance and energy. Stop/pause ->Meditate/ pray -> Check/ Change. The change you want may be simple but not easy. It may involve getting out of your comfort zone, getting past your feelings, thinking out of the box of old pattern of habits. Situations/ problems in life will be ever-changing, challenges may keep getting bigger everyday but when one is connected with the Supreme elevated knowledge it helps to focus our energy towards construction of the solution. If a person keeps doing the same things but expects different results…. It will not happen, similarly if a person keeps thinking the same things, he/ she will keep doing the same things but expect a different result…. It will not happen. It’s a vicious circle which can easily be broken by being in the present, having divine knowledge and disciplined practice. The only time you can do anything now, the present, the gift to change ‘My life’.

Sandeep Mankatala

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