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When we see a good painting, we are amazed by the finesse of the painter his style, color combinations, texture and masterful strokes attention to detail similarly when we see the creation around us we are reminded of the creator, just a simple look around makes ones head bow in humble gratitude to the unlimited quite blessings of sunlight, air, water… around us. GOD the G-generator, O-operator, D- destroyer with unlimited and unconditional love for his creation can not be seen or measured but can be felt like the cool wind, the fragrance of a perfume or the subtle happiness in your mind felt by every cell of your body. The Supreme Soul / GOD / Universal consciousness is aware of everything. His ocean of knowledge is there for those who seek.

Every soul on this planet has a costume / body / dress / made of the 5 elements of nature ( Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space ) . Each soul is playing a unique and accurate part in the world drama. As in the English alphabets A B C D …..A – Atma (soul), B -Birth, D -Death the C stands for Choices, the soul makes from birth to death during this journey of life. A person will make a lot of choices to do Good action, Neutral action or Sinful action. The more pure and knowledgeful the soul and body the action (karma) are Good or Neutral and impurity (Vices/Ego) lead to sinful action.

A person (soul) in this journey of life has to live in coordination with other souls, happy and healthy, Caring and Sharing but when Ego/ Vices enter a person(soul) becomes impure. The intellect becomes criminal and he/she is not able to follow the ‘Shrimat ‘ or Knowledge given by the Supreme to lead a divine and blissful life.

We are all children of God / The Supreme Soul / The Supreme Father / Akalpurukh / The Holy spirit / The Holy light…..As in the physical world when people observe certain traits in a child they often say you resemble your parents, so shouldn’t everyone try to learn and practice divine qualities. Our lives should be a mirror of the divine qualities of our Father.

The original religion for everyone is peace. Each soul is peaceful in nature. It (Soul) acts through the body to play its part on the world drama. Just like a driver drives a car from point A to point B the more skillful the driver more smooth and enjoyable is the journey. The driver through his knowledge and experience knows how to tackle the potholes and avoid the bumps. Similarly a knowledgeful soul goes through this journey of life from birth to death in a happy and blissful way. There will be many situations in life some may be like small potholes others may resemble a crater or sometimes the biggest problems may be like sink holes but the soul if connected with the Supreme will negotiate through them with ease.

As aptly said “Life is the Best school, Hardship is the Best teacher, Problem is the Best assignment, Failure is the Best revision”. GOD helps the Soul to reach his optimal potential. He helps the impure soul to turn to a pure soul. He alone is the purifier. Prayers, studying the scriptures, devotion bhakti, chanting, yoga are a few techniques used by people to understand God, But Maya or Ravan with its magical vices of kama (lust), Krodha (Anger), Lobha (Greed), Moha (Attachment), Ahamkara (Ego), Mada (Pride), Maatsyasa (Jealousy), Jaddata (Inertia), Procrastination and carelessness entices the godly children on the path of sin.

By staying in incognito remembrance of the Supreme Father a soul can receive his powers and knowledge and become free from storms of Maya and its vices, he will not fluctuate and be stable to conquer the Ravana. By the method of Supreme remembrance one can absolve the sins of the past and abstain from doing more sins, the wisdom gained from the Supreme knowledge helps to put all resources to best use. It enhances ones ability to see opportunity where there were none before, the person(soul) learns to see the challenges as a means to learn, grow and move forward, the problems would be transformed into opportunities for progress, turning everything in the direction of success and happiness for a pure and divine soul.

Sandeep Mankatala

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