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Having reverence for mother earth. Living in harmony with nature, staying close to nature, taking pleasure in doing the simple things of life like working with your own hands and feeling the soil, the water, breathing in the fresh air, feeling the warm rays of the sun and enjoying the greenery around you. Engaging in a dialogue with nature, at its own quiet pace and not to be in competition with anyone. To practice and compete with yourself each day to be more peaceful and joyful than the previous day, until you are the best peaceful and joyful version of yourself. When we are engaged with nature we are truly alive and vigorous.

Anyone can return to the basics of a peaceful existence by choosing to be more natural in their response to life. One can choose tranquility over chaos, silence over sound, one can choose to walk rather than drive to work, one can compute small numbers without a calculator, one can choose to write by hand rather than type and print. One can choose to swim or bicycle rather than pushing machines. We are living in a world which has digitalized dramatically but we can choose to be modern and eco- friendly. Recognizing the information overload, overcomplications caused by too many gadgets.

People cannot exist by divorcing nature, there is oneness of life and surrounding environment. To experience the nature’s beauty and wonder open your heart to simple things like appreciating your home, enjoying home cooked meals with family members and  friends. Just sitting under the sun surrounded by beautiful greenery, leaves swaying in the cool breeze and many more simple treasures that make up your life. To take a pause in your busy, anxious and tension filled life and remind yourself that there is another way, a more serene, peaceful, simple and spiritual way to live life.

 All things on this planet are in a constant state of change, including us. People are always changing, always decomposing. As soon as you are born you are in a queue to your grave. Some of us are always in a hurry, very good at jumping queues, rushing ourselves to an early death. For those who can conform to the naturalness of the universe and go with the silent but accurate flow of life, choose consciously to be a part of the cyclical pattern of nature. Winds will blow hard then there is calm, there is a high tide and a low tide, a downpour of rain then bright sunshine, glaciers will freeze and melt into rivulets, nothing is forced, after a certain interval of time it changes. The only constant is change. What may seem devastating one moment, can change to perfection the next moment, in the blink of eye the scene changes.

 An individual may try to control and curse as life’s situations may be unfolding, it takes courage to be stable in mind and wait out the storms of life. To consider a situation as a learning lesson, to be creative and positive as we move on in life. Learning to do what is needed in a joyful manner, not just doing what I like and ignoring what I dislike. This like and dislike makes a person bonded to certain karmas/ things, creating karmic bondages. To do what is needed with focus, happiness and well wishes for all. When we are happy, creative and constructing something in us expands and when we are sad, anxious and depressed something in us shrinks.

 Supreme knowledge helps us to revive and revitalize life and once we surmount our adversities we have experience to guide others through mutual encouragement. Once the soul/ person takes on this wonderful endeavor with great sincerity  the power of divine knowledge not only helps to illuminate their world but also helps to dispel the darkness of ignorance for others who seek help. The elevated souls also want others to be in the canopy of the divine bliss to receive the spiritual lift and become peaceful and content.  Their compassion and love knows no bounds.  By their dedicated and devoted efforts for their fellow human beings, they help in their human transformation by changing their thought patterns, helping them to remain in soul consciousness and to remain in remembrance of the Supreme. Constant practice is needed for elevated thoughts, egoless words and vice less action. By deep and intense meditation/ prayer/ chanting/ tapasya/ the intellect is made pure and clean to receive the divine touching. Together in the spirit of harmonious unity with nature, glory adorns the lives of these souls. Once a soul is enlightened it becomes a source of origin and a starting point of this great undertaking of spreading happiness and realizing the spirit of wholeness in being connected to the divine.

 Our choices today impact the planet, to be on a spiritual path also means protecting the environment in every way by living in an Earth-friendly manner as a part of oneness with nature. To become aware of the tiny role I have in this huge world drama. To feel a connection with all of life on the planet rather than the separateness maya/ ego/ illusion wants me to believe. By beginning to feel the interconnections between the plants, oceans, sky, soil and all the creatures living in them. The more connected you feel the more you want to co-operate and not compete. Your mind automatically becomes peaceful when it is taken of the competition mode and put in a co-operation mode.

Our body with its trillions of cells all interconnected, living in harmony, each one enjoying their specialty but co operating with each other for us to enjoy a wholesome bodily experience. But just one cancer cell with an arrogant relationship to the cells around can tilt the equilibrium. A cancer cell refuses to co operate and if left unchecked, will destroy the whole body. Similarly one species (humans) left unchecked polluting the water, the earth, the air will ends up destroying the whole planet. Our ego/maya/ illusion makes us think we are separate, distinct and somehow superior but when we are enlightened we see ourselves as pieces of a whole, all interconnected, all co operating for a peaceful, happy and harmonious existence.

Sandeep Mankatala

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