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Once a grandfather told his grandson a story. The story goes like this – ‘one day on a beach before dawn, many starfish were washed ashore. The whole beach was covered with starfish, as far as the eye could see. Now in the morning as the sun rose higher all the starfish would probably die for the heat of the sun would fry them out and kill them. There were many people at the beach but only one man began picking up these starfish, tossing them back into the sea. People around sneered at him, saying, “Why are you doing this? There is no way you can save all of these starfish. It’s a hopeless situation.” But the man, without wasting time picked up another starfish and tossed it back in to the sea, replied in a sober voice, “ That may be true, but still, to this starfish it makes a big difference.”  In the above story the narrator grandfather is Mahatma Gandhi and the grandson is Dr. Arum Gandhi. From a tender age he was trying to instill in the child that if we can touch another individual’s life and save that life, we can make a big difference by that very action, however small it may seem at that moment.

 Let that person know that however hopeless the situation may be, it will pass. Best gift in life is to give your time to help someone. We should try to make an emotional connect / social connect. If we are unable to be physically be present for that person we can also give ‘sakash’/ prayers / sending pure vibrations of peace, love and power for the soul/ person who is far away, to get them through the hopeless situation. The flow of pure powerful energy from the Supreme to all his children can mend broken hearts, change attitudes, transform the depressed and lonely souls, find hope in hopeless, refresh distressed souls, heal the diseased body, it’s a blessing for His children who have faith on Him.

Your daily disciplined practice leads to self – realization through the divine knowledge of the Supreme. Any karma (thought, word, action) done in awareness of soul consciousness and in remembrance of the Supreme, makes one a karma yogi, always connected (yogi) to the Supreme even in action (action).

 For a soul/ person to receive divine sakash or divine blessings his/ her intellect must be clean and pure. The thoughts, words and actions should always be in harmony. The individual should experience a deep inner silence with only high elevated positive thoughts in the mind. Finding that level of peace of mind where you embrace silence and connect to the supreme. No connection can be made if there are waste, idle or negative thoughts in the mind. A soul/ person should always be very honest in all relationships with the Supreme and must be obedient in following the guidance/ shrimat without polluting it with manmat or reasoning and logic given by the mind.  

Often spirituality is confused with religion. Spirituality is more of an individual practice, associated with the interior life of an individual, placing an emphasis on the soul and Supreme soul connection, bringing about a reorientation in the mind-body of the individual. Whereas religion is an organized form of spiritual expression of beliefs and practices usually shared by a community or a group under the guidelines of a Guru/ Avtar/ Prophet/ Holy teacher. Why some have a spiritual inclination and for some it doesn’t exist. What characterizes a spiritual seeker is his connection with a Supreme being. A spiritual seeker knows there is more to understanding than just logic and reason. True understanding is unexplainable. Like a paradox you know it, you don’t or coming home to oneself. It is a profound experience, a personal interpretation of experiences in the soul’s journey of life. Those who know, those who have experienced have powerful insights, often they do not speak because if they try to communicate about their unique experience, there is no one who believes or understands what they have gone through, thus it is wisdom to be silent. ‘Silence is the language of knowing.’

Everyone around us has an opinion to make as to how we can improve personally or professionally. All our well wishers have a suggestion or two and they say it with best of intentions, with our best interest in their heart. If we end up listening to what everybody has to say and try to please everyone, we may forget what we were meant to do on this journey of life. In this downpour of suggestions from friends, relatives, mentors, family and sometimes even strangers take good suggestions, whatever clicks for you but also learn the art of discerning the good advice from not so good advice accurately. During your journey never base your decisions on the advice of those who don’t have to deal with the results of your decision. People will give advice or suggestions according to their experiences in their life journey based on their abilities and resources. Each soul’s life journey is unique and different.

Before making a decision only you know in your heart what you suffered and what you are capable of. Ask some simple basic questions before making a decision. Do a practicality test of all the visible pros and cons. Listen to your deep gut feeling with blunt honesty when you think about the decision, if it will make you happy and peaceful in the long run. How it will affect your relationship. Every decision we make whether small or big affects the people closest to us. How the energy exchange will be affected once the decision is implemented. If the decision you are about to take is parallel to your belief system, your values, passion and priorities. Talking to people around you who are going to be affected by that decision, it shows genuine compassion and respect. How much time and energy will be invested and what rewards or remunerations are expected financially and mentally. Explore all your options and choose to walk the path of truth.  Once a decision has been made, with your head and heart on the same page stand by it even if you are alone.

Sandeep Mankatala

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